Fall back in love with life and by doing so, live the life you love!


Fall back in love with life and by doing so, live the life you love!



I believe that we all have a story to tell. 


Often people ask me what got me into doing what I do today. 

The answer is a combination of wanting meaning in my life and following my curiosity. 


I am super curious about what creates experience and more specifically what makes one person choose or experience a certain life and another person with the same experience something else. 


I am curious about what impact environments have on our ability to express and experience the fullness of our nature. And how the dynamics between people play out in a way to either enhance or suppress one anothers unique expression. 


Now I live in a beautiful safe neighbourhood with my 3 children, my dog, cat and bird. 


Together we navigate each of us growing and changing together.


You have a deep knowing that there is a part of yourself that has been hidden away, protected and kept small. You put a smile on your face and show up for everyone around you. Day after day wishing you could be who you know yourself to be underneath the obligation, responsibility and pressure of life.


Not knowing how to allow it. Deeply desiring to be free from the cage you feel around you. You are strong. So strong that you have lasted this long, but you have had ENOUGH. You are not just ready but have hit the point of demanding more for yourself. A higher standard of self expression, of love and connection. Of comfort, security and being. 


You have done work. You have showed up for yourself and you have even got a level of success in a deeper understanding of yourself and the way that you work. Mostly though it has given you the understanding that you need help to move through this part of your life. To fully embrace all of who you are.


Not through some soapbox experience but through a quiet becoming, accepting and loving of who you are. You are ready to receive the abundance, joy and perspective that will ensure your experience of enoughness is not lip service but a deep knowing embodied in every cell of your being.


You are ready to face what you must in order to soften to the experience of you. 


I am here to guide you. 


I believe that you are your answer. You hold your answers and you are your greatest teacher. 


Your intuition bought you to me because my role is to reflect back to you yourself. 



Breathe & Release


Join myself and Adam Gillie and our amazing team at Nirmalam events for one of our upcoming events. Using psychosomatic principles, universal principles and energy healing we work with groups of people to facilitate deep healing.


Are you ready to get personal? 


Working with me one on one provides intimate accountability, attention and healing. Be it through my wholistic coaching programs or Nirmalam release body work sessions, the personalised attention ensures fundamental transformation. Book a 30 minute consultation today to ensure the right match for your needs.


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Masterclass Graduate

Amber Hildebrandt

Nerida never just tells you what you want to hear or gives you a step guide on how “to change your life” she - says very little and helps you find the answers within yourself. But the one thing most importantly she has taught me - is to look after me before others - it’s ok to be kind to ourselves 🥰 and love ourselves inside and out .

Coaching Client​

Shannon Green

Thanks to Nerida and her beautiful sessions, I have had many realisations and reflections which has shifted the suppressed energy within. Your work has been instrumental in the journey of me accepting, acknowledging and owning myself on so many levels, which helps me shine today xx 🙏💗.

Coaching Client​

Kylie Herda

I want to say thank you, what you have done for me, how you have taught me has no words I cannot thank you enough! I sincerely believe anyone who is even remotely considering working with you should simply do it!!! You will never regret it.​

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