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The Abundance Masterclass

I want to help you really open to Receive all that you strive for.

Through this masterclass, learn the strategies to embrace your full expression - aka your super power! 


Learn how to ALLOW for what you want and stop repeating the cycles that keep you small. 

What to Expect

Abundance Reboot

Re-evaluate what success and abundance actually is for you and learn the tools to cultivate those experiences. 


Fundamental Upgrade

Explore and expand the 3 key areas that create abundance.

Exponentially grow

Learn what it takes to expand your impact and embrace your destiny.

Light and Love will not get you there! 

After two decades in the personal development and healing space I hit rock bottom. 

I had been striving and pushing to make my dreams a reality and my purpose fulfilled. My body shut down....HARD! To teach me the most important lessons yet, in what it actually takes to feel abundant, supported, on purpose and impactful. 

I've totally got you!!!

As I emerge, I want to lift as many women as possible with me, and that includes YOU!

The truth is that living an abundant life as a woman is not what we have been told, it's certainly not accomplished in the ways we have been taught. 
Everything you think you know about success is a lie. 

Through losing the use of my legs, losing strength in my body, the capacity to focus my mind and the ability to see straight, I found what I have been searching for. 

The pathway to abundance embodied.

In body, mind and soul. 


It's time to share that with the world - and with YOU

5 REASONS to Join These Masterclass Trainings

  • 3 x 1 Hour Training

    Delivered live in our private facebook group, each class focuses on a core focus point needed in order to to take control of your experience and become magnetic in your creation process. 

  • Embodied Understanding 

    Through embodiment practices, you will move beyond merely knowing this information and move into holding it in your body making it possible to embrace and live it. 

  • Clarity and Direction

    Get clear on the actual steps that will move the needle, saving time and energy.

    I get it! You are a busy woman! You don't need fluff, you need efficient and effective tools. 

  • Fully Interactive & Supported Process 

    From bonus "prep" content and time to settle in, to support integrating these concepts throughout the time in the group. Along with sharing the journey with a group of amazing women ready to step forward. Leaving the past in the wake we create. Ready to show up authentically, courageously and whole heartedly. 

  • Learn Directly with Nerida Mills

    Work along side a woman who walks her talk. Nerida delivers with a compassionate, no bull shit policy. 

    She will never tell you what you want to hear in order to make it easier for you to justify why you can't. She delivers what needs to be said in love and with the highest respect for your souls evolution, not your mind's reasons. Nerida's focus is in calling out the transformation that calls to our soul. Empowering the women she works with to show up powerfully, magnetically and authentically in this world.  

Don't go blindly - What others have to say

Amber Hildebrandt

Nerida never just tells you what you want to hear or gives you a step guide on how “to change your life” she - says very little and helps you find the answers within yourself. But the one thing most importantly she has taught me - is to look after me before others - it’s ok to be kind to ourselves 🥰 and love ourselves inside and out .

Shannon Green

Thanks to Nerida and her beautiful sessions, I have had many realisations and reflections which has shifted the suppressed energy within. Your work has been instrumental in the journey of me accepting, acknowledging and owning myself on so many levels, which helps me shine today xx 🙏💗.

Kylie Herda

I want to say thank you, what you have done for me, how you have taught me has no words I cannot thank you enough! I sincerely believe anyone who is even remotely considering working with you should simply do it!!! You will never regret it.



Marjorie Corinne

Nerida helped me in so many levels. She is full of knowledge and resources that can help anyone find their true self. I am looking forward for more growth with Nerida and I highly recommend her to anyone who want to go through a positive, live changing personal development. Thanks Nerida Mills xx

Choose You

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