I believe that life is the greatest personal development workshop you will ever go on. It is always conspiring for your success, growth, love and expression.

Through my one on one coaching programs I guide you to embody the leader in your own life, the enoughness in your own heart and the wisdom and awareness to learn from life moving forward for the rest of your life.


You will know if this is for you by the combination of excitement and nerves. 


Psychosomatic healing is one of the most profound and powerful healing modalities I have come across. The Nirmalam release technique that was birthed by Adam Gillie and I after we studied psychosomatics and breathwork allows for a more gentle approach to accessing that which is stored in your soma or body. This technique frees you from past trauma or stored emotion. 


It is extremely effective to bypass the mind and transition the individual from being controlled by to free of.


The environment within which we explore and express ourselves has a dramatic impact on the willingness to be vulnerable, therefore innovative, creative and a leader in problem solving. 


As we move into a new work place collectively where old roles and ways of relating will be outdated and redundant in a matter of years, having a culture that encourages change, innovation and creativity is paramount to any organisations ongoing success. 


With a focus on happy, healthy work places, Nerida's retreats, leadership development programs and ongoing trainings assist organisations to develop the cultures that develop their people to meet these new challenges and distrust old paradigms of industry. 


Through the use of NLP, Meta Dynamics & success principles, along with a focus on happiness through experience I offer coaching packages for leadership development, personal development and relationship healing. 


Programs are retainer based. One off sessions are available. 


These programs are designed to help you become the leader in your own life, take control back of your experience and bring joy, passion, gratitude and love back into your life. 


Also available for team development within your work place. Combined with culture training, this is a powerful business transformation tool.


Coaching Client​

Damian Ots

I’ve done many hours of coaching with Nerida, with some amazing breakthroughs, and some really hard realisations. Each time I’d open up with the events of the week my ‘story’, and finish with an ah-ha moment as to what was actually going on.


By allowing the process to unfold, and in letting go of what I thought I had to do, I learnt that in every situation presented, I would get out of it what I need to. I went into coaching expecting to learn about driving my design business to new heights. I learnt to get out of my own way, and allow the journey to unfold. I’ve been on Nerida’s table a number of times. Psychosomatic bodywork in combination with coaching, equals dramatic life changing results.

Coaching Client​

Rowena Trott

Thank you thank you thank you. I have learnt that in order to achieve, I must be true to myself first. Nerida’s program made me realise that I need to put myself first sometimes, because I cant really achieve if I'm not satisfied.

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