It's Time To Claim


Enough to live the life I desire

Enough to love deeply, vulnerably and intimately 

Enough to express myself authentically and fully

Enough to share myself whole heartedly

Enough to make an impact 

Enough to love myself for BEING me! 

Join me, Nerida Mills for 'Enough', 

an 8-week live
online group coaching program


This program is designed for YOU if you are ready to embrace, embody and in-act the principles, strategies and behaviours of Abundance. 

This is about coming to a state of balance between push and pull, light and dark, masculine and feminine, conscious and unconscious. Its about grounding, softening and expressing.

Throughout these 8 weeks you will be re-educating your body, mind and heart about what you will allow, accept, receive and experience moving forward. 



Get Ready For Value! 

Jammed pack with everything you need to embody the physical resonance and mindset of ENOUGH.

8 deep dive master classes on everything from receptivity to boundaries, relationships to vitality.

Expect expert interviews on psychosomatics and understanding what your body is communicating with you, nutrification to enhance experience, self sabotage, relationships and much more!


I know what it can feel like, to know you are here for something more than you feel you are experiencing. 

It could be more impact, more joy, more connection, more of simply feeling that you are who you are meant to be. 

Its painful and can feel demoralizing. To feel that no matter how hard you seem to try, its just not good enough.

You doubt yourself in those moments and wish that you could live a life... 

Well, I'm here to show you without a shadow of a doubt just how worth it you are. Just how perfect, you are, just as you are. 

How ENOUGH you are simply by being. 

Here's the thing... 

When we are ENOUGH abundance is inevitable. 


Because when we know we are enough, that we are loved and that we are complete, we don't resonate or behave in ways that are rooted in lack, in avoidance or in being something we are not.


Who you are is your pathway to abundance, plain and simple. 


The challenge is that we have all experienced the conditioning that got us here. 

We all have brains that like to keep us safe and hide the perfection of our true expression from ourselves.

The processes delivered through this program are designed to lift the curtain and show you the truth of who you are.


Bonus time...

Week one of this program is your preparation BONUS week. 


You  see, I want to make sure you have EVERYTHING you need set up and ready to go BEFORE we even begin!


I've totally got you!!!


Expect fun, creative and impactful ways to move through this learning over the duration of this program.

Many people hold an idea that learning and growth has to be this dredge of a process where we are sad, in pain and shame the whole way through. That we have to be challenged every step of the way. That life and growth must be hard. 

How do I know this? Because that's how I used to meet life! 


But this is not the way to true abundance, happiness and fulfillment. No, it's not all light and love - it's also not all shadow and sludge. 


We can expand and grow in gentleness. In loving compassion and in a state of courage, play and curiosity. In community and in grace. 


The feminine spirit that moves through us and guides our feminine expression can feel like a gentle embrace. Yes she can be powerful when she needs, and is in all expressions AND she would much prefer we meet her in gentleness and gratitude. 


Your process is this process, of slowing down, remembering play and softening into your true nature. 


It is safe. You are ENOUGH 

Your bonus week includes a preparation training video with everything you need to get the most out of the experience that is ENOUGH. 


Expect to jump straight in and be required to engage, show up and embrace the process. 


I have zero interest in taking money from people not engaging, and my promise to you is that if at the end of this BONUS week you decide it's simply not for you, you are not prioritising the time or engaging with the tasks, I will give you 100% of your money back with no questions asked. 


  • How and why we self sabotage our joy, love and abundance. 
  • Letting go of people pleasing to be fully seen as who you are in this moment.
  • How to work with the self protection mechanisms to deepen your understanding of self and expand into the fullness of you. 



  • Deeply understand what your body is communicating with you and how it brings you home.
  • Integrate the secrets of resourceful rest no one talks about.
  • Nourish your body - support your mind to be the clearest channel of expression. 


  • Move beyond your previous beliefs of what you deserve in each are of life, embracing your true expression.
  • Expand your upper limits of JOY, love and abundance. 
  • Build a life of luxury, contribution and self care as your pathway to the Abundance you seek.


  • Embrace your feminine expression and your emotions as the beromiter of the soul
  • let go of the perceived control that keeps you controlled.
  • Balance your perceptions of lack and embrace the abundance that is all around and within you already. 



  • Dive deep into the ways we block inimacy and true expression in relationships.
  • Explore vulnerability and shame as the gateway to greater intimacy emotionally and physically. 
  • Embrace enoughness and wholehearted relating.



  • Bust old stories of love and relating and gain the tools to consciously relate. 
  • Understand the fundamental and beautiful differences between men and women.
  • Balance your masculine/feminine energies. Know and love ALL of you


  • Embody authentic boundaries based on self love not fear.
  • Utilise the power of minute truth to express your needs clearly in love. 
  • Embrace your NO and know intimately when a yes is a FUCK YES and how to use it to call in your desires. 


  • Be in presence with who you are in this moment. 
  • Clarify your mission from this new state of being. 
  • Live abundance embodied with everything you need to live the impact you were born to make with magnetic expression. 

This is it. One of those moments in life where you leap. One that fundamentally impacts the person you are moving forward. 

Are you ready?



I’m so excited to hear from you let’s do this together   

 You’re amazing, I’m here for you and I love you .


© Copyrights by Nerida Mills. All Rights Reserved.