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About Us

Our Mission

I am passionate about empowering a new understanding and way of being based on creating excellence within individuals and organisations. I believe this will lead human beings to define success in terms of an ecological state of harmony and consciously create positive experiences for the growth and betterment of all. If we wish to see large scale change, we need to change the small things, like the way we think, behave and interact.

I’m Nerida Mills, founder and director of Nerida Mills and Associates. I am also a mother of three amazing children who remind me every day that the potential of human beings lies in our ability to reconnect with innate wisdom and deepest truths.
Facilitating a new paradigm of success that incorporates these things is my passion. I believe manifesting excellence in ourselves requires happiness, health, inspiration, passion and being in a state of flow, and that we are living in a time where this has never been so possible.

Putting people at the forefront of our minds when examining what is most important to true success, we have the opportunity to redefine the workplace. We have the knowledge, skills, and smarts to do this, both on an individual level and within organisations, and to welcome a more empowered way of doing business.

A new paradigm. I believe the shift has already begun, and my question to you is: where will you sit on the wave of change?